Ana Leticia Pereira Machado was born in a small town in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Surrounded by the textures of the natural countryside, she grew up learning crochet, knitting, sewing and painting from her mother. Possessing an early passion for making her own crochet bags and blouses, Pereira Machado has developed a lifestyle of craft and design. While living in New York City for three years, she found her greatest inspiration: a South African musician, composer and producer. The two kindred spirits moved to Cape Town to focus on their creative pursuits. One night, the idea of turning leather off-cuts from shoe samples into handmade bags was born.

An avid traveler, Pereira Machado is constantly collecting materials and embellishments from antique shops, bazaars, and factories around the world. These found pieces add a sense of history into the mix and provide a renewed spirit and purpose. By incorporating a range of craft techniques into the design, each creation has a combination of materials and textures that can only come from the hands of Pereira Machado. Completely made by hand, there is no sewing machine or electricity involved in the process and the bags are often made in the peace of nature. An eco-conscious sensibility motivates her to recycle discarded materials into something beautiful and useful. Each bag develops organically, depending on what the materials available at the time inspire. Each piece has its own story and soul, and represents a proud sense of individuality. Pereira Machado creations are are never pre-designed or produced in multiples, and are always one of a kind… just like you!


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